Surrender information
In Arizona: We accept dachshunds from private parties located in the state of Arizona.  We will travel to
your location to pick up the dog. Depending on the location, we may ask to meet you in a mutually
convenient location to take possession of the dog.  Because our commitment is primarily to the dog, we
feel it is less traumatic for the dog (as well as the owner) to not be dropped off at Dachshunds Only
Rescue as the dog may wait for their owner to come back for them.

Outside Arizona: In the case of a surrender located outside Arizona, we will accept the dog if it is an
emergency situation or the dog is in imminent danger - and if the surrendering party is willing to
transport the dog to the Phoenix area.  Depending on the location, we may be able to meet you in a
mutually convenient location to take possession of the dog.  If it is not possible to bring the dog to the
Phoenix area, we can assist in referring your dog to another rescue organization or never kill shelter in
your area.  

Turning over a dog to rescue is a traumatic and emotional event for both the owner and the dog.  If the
dog has any favorite blankets or toys, consider sending them as it will make the transition a little easier
for the dog. Please provide all of the dog's records (vaccine records, spay/neuter certificates, licenses,
vet records, etc) when we pick up the dog.   Dachshunds Only Rescue does not charge a surrender fee,
but donations to help care for your dog are always welcome..  

Dogs with behavioral issues are welcome here.  Please keep in mind that in order to find an
appropriate home for the dachshund, we must have all information about the dog (the good, the bad
and the ugly).  We NEVER kill any dachshund that comes into rescue so it is in your dog's best interest
to disclose all information.

Please contact us at 602-550-4088 for more information on surrendering.  You can also fill out the form
below and submit it to us via email.  We will contact you shortly.
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Surrender Information
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