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Phoenix, AZ
Welcome to Dachshunds Only Rescue
Dachshunds Only Rescue is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization located in Phoenix, AZ.  Dogs that come into rescue are placed into
a temporary foster home thanks to our network of generous volunteers. While in foster care, each dog is observed and evaluated to
develop a profile of the dog.  Once that has been established, a suitable, loving, forever home can be found, regardless of the time it

Since our rescued dachshunds are fostered with families anywhere in the valley, we are very considerate as to the schedules and life
styles of our foster families.  Therefore, a volunteer will bring the dog to the home of the prospective adopter and by appointment only. It
is important that all household members, including any other pets, be home for the initial meeting (as well as any subsequent
meetings) since we believe that such decisions should be unanimous within the family.

Dachshunds Only Rescue is a never-kill shelter. What is the difference between a no-kill shelter and a never-kill shelter?  A no-kill
shelter is an animal shelter where animals are euthanized if they are too sick to be treated or too aggressive to be suitable for adoption.
 We do not believe that behavioral issues should lead to the dog's death.  We use behavioral modification techniques and positive
reinforcement to eliminate aggressive or unwanted behavior.  We never kill any dog that comes into our care.  Additionally, we provide
the dog with any and all medical treatment required to make the dog well.

There is a "right" home for every dachshund but not necessarily a "right" dachshund for every home. We want every single adoption to
be a successful one and as such, we make every effort to ensure the home the doxie is placed in is right for both the dog and new
family.  Dachshunds Only Rescue is a never kill organization.

Need to surrender your pet?
We gladly assist with surrenders. Restrictions apply as to the location of the dog being surrendered so  please see our Surrender page
for additional information.

Areas served?
We are an Arizona dachshund rescue organization and as such, we are committed to being part of the solution to Arizona's
over-population of dogs.  We strongly believe that the dogs in Arizona are our first and foremost priority in rescue and are dedicated to
making sure we rescue and re-home as many Arizona dachshunds as possible.  Even though our dogs are from Arizona, we welcome
adoption applicants from neighboring states as well as all parts of the country.  

If you have an interest in dachshund adoption or would like to help with the rescue effort, please feel free to contact me.  In order to be
considered to adopt a dog, you must fill out an
online application.  We may ask for more information but the application gives us basic
information about your home environment.

Our adoption fees are usually between $75 to $300 which helps us off-set the costs of rescuing all of our dogs.  Our dogs are up to
date on shots and spayed/neutered before placement.  Part of your donation will help to keep our rescue going.
Dachshunds Only
Within the heart of every rescue lies the singular desire to be loved.
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