Have you seen my weiners?
At Dachshunds Only Rescue, we have dogs coming into rescue all the time.  If you have a request for a particular
gender, color, etc, please send me an e-mail.  I'll keep your information and we'll let you know when we have one
that meets your criteria.  Often, our dogs are adopted even before they are posted so speak up if you have a
preference.  We'll do our best to find you your fur-ever friend!!
Available for Adoption
Since our rescued dachshunds are fostered with families anywhere in the valley, we are very considerate as to the
schedules and life styles of our foster families.  Therefore, a volunteer will bring the dog to the home of the
prospective adopter and by appointment only. It is important that all household members, including any other pets,
be home for the initial meeting (as well as any subsequent meetings) since we believe that such decisions should
be unanimous within the family.
Dachshunds Only
Aries:  This beautiful little isabella and tan doxie wound up at our county shelter as a
stray, looking as if he may have been used as bait in teaching larger dogs to fight.
His condition broke my heart, and he was put on the pre-euthanization list due to his
injuries. He has now made a full recovery, has been neutered, and of course he is
UTD on vaccinations. He is loving with people and terrific with female dogs. Male
dogs? Aries is selective. He might have picked the fight he lost...we don't know. What
we do know is that he will test other male dogs, even those 3 times his size, as he
knows he is the toughest guy in the west even if his color is a girly name. However,
verbal reprimand has ceased all confrontations. He is more eager to please his
foster mom and be loved than he is to prove his macho. However, introductions to
other male dogs should be supervised until their jockeying for position has been
settled, and he should be closely supervised, at least initially, if taken to a dog park
or other multi-dog area. We are hopeful that as the testosterone leaves his system,
so will the testosterone impairment to his brain. (just kidding-sort of). Aside for his
wanting to play bully with some males occasionally, Aries is a sweetheart. He loves
people, walks, a ride in the car, belly rubs but his chest is the spot that gets the foot
going, and life in general. He is full of wonder at the world and ready to start his new
life as a forever dog with a family who treats their pets as family members. If your
family isn't a family without a furkid and a gorgeous, unique family member is what
you only hoped to find, please start the adoption process by submitting our
application for Aries.

Age (years): about 4
Gender: male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Coat: smooth
Color: isabella
Adoption fee: $225.
Rocco is a wonderful standard dachshund who was left in a rural county shelter to die
because his human 'had a baby' and didn't want the baby crawling on the floor with dog hair.
I would have been happy to buy her a vacuum, but she didn't ask. Instead, I saved this
wonderful boy from euthanasia. Like many dogs of all breeds, Rocco was afraid in the
county shelter and not real friendly to the staff, but when I went to see him, just a little
common sense went a long way. He knew I was there FOR HIM. I squatted sideways and
called him to me, put my fingers through the fence, but not in a confrontational manner, and
he licked me. Ok, we're out of there! Not without snapping at a member of kennel staff who
did not exercise common sense when attempting to handle him, but no harm was done. His
foster grandma can do just about anything to or with Rocco, but again, she has some dog
sense and doesn't grab or yank on him, which we suspect the new baby may have. We have
not tested Rocco with children, but are recommending only families with older children who
have respect for animals already. With adults, he can be shy at first and takes a little to
warm up. Once warm, he's a lover! A lover with the calmer, more even temperament that
standard dachshunds usually have. Yes, Rocco is a big boy. No skinny mini here, weighing
in at a wonderful 24 pounds. With a standard, you get more dachshund to love. If you are a
little patient and a lot of dachshund lover, please start the adoption process to welcome
Rocco home by submitting our
online application.

Compatibility:  Good with Most Dogs, Good with Adults (Not Kids)  
Personality:  Average Energy, Somewhat Dominant  
Health:  Vaccinations Current  
Age (years): Adult
Weight (pounds): 24
Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Adoption fee: $200.
Cricket was on death row at our county shelter for being aggressive against humans.
This is typical of a dachshund who has not been socialized with people, so I went to see
her. A little common sense was applied,and she was taking treats from my hand in
minutes. Rescued. However, Cricket still needs help with socialization. She has
accepted her foster grandma, but will need a family with patience and love to become a
perfect family member who is good with guests coming into the home. She isn't a digger,
but she does have a Houdini streak, so a secure yard is needed. Cricket loves to go for
walks, and if you don't take her for any and the opportunity presents itself, she'll take
herself for a walk, little stinker. And little, she is, full grown at about 9 pounds. Don't let
the frosting on her face deter you either please. It is premature 'frosting',frequently
occuring on red dachshunds starting as early as 3 years old. Cricket is guesstimated at
3-4 years old. Of course we know nothing of her history, but believe that she didn't get
a fair start in life. Thankfully, she is young and there is lots of time to correct that. If you
are patient but firm, a confident doxie owner/trainer, you will find that Cricket loves to be
loved, loves belly rubs especially if she gets to sleep in the big bed with you and gets
them there, and is willing to learn whatever her new life holds in store for her. Sound like
you? If so, please start the adoption process by submitting our
online application on

Compatibility:  Good with Most Dogs, Good with Adults (Not Kids)  
Personality:  Average Energy, Somewhat Dominant  
Health:  Spayed, Vaccinations Current, Fearful/Anxious  

Age (years): young adult
Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Adoption fee: $175.
Sugar came to us when her owner lost her home and decided to rent a no pet
apartment since she worked long hours, leaving Sugar outside alone all day, ONLY
bringing her in to sleep at night. Sugar never went on a walk, met anyone new, never
had a playmate. She was trembling in fear when her owner brought her to us. She is
braver now! At least she is comfortable with her foster parent and canine buddy. Sugar
is a beautiful dachshund who didn't get a great start in life,but thankfully, she is young
(3 years old) so there is lots of time to make up for that. The good stuff? She isn't a big
barker, she isn't a digger,and she isn't a pain in the pitoot. With a little patience and a
lot of love, we're sure that Sugar will be the best dachshund anyone could hope for.
Spayed and UTD on vaccinations, Sugar now waits to find out what life is supposed to
be like with a real family of her own. If you might be that family, please start the
adoption process by submitting our
online application for Sugar.

Compatibility:  Good with Most Dogs, Good with Adults (Not Kids)  
Personality:  Average Energy, Average Temperament  
Health:  Spayed, Vaccinations Current, Fearful/Anxious  

age: young adult
adoption fee:  $250
Freeway got his name from where he was rescued. A nice family watched a car pull
over on the frontage road of the freeway, open the door,put him out, and sped away.
Freeway paced back and forth in front of that apartment complex for 3 days waiting
for his family to come back for him, but they never did. Finally, the family couldn't
stand to see him looking and waiting any more, went to the apartment manager, and
we were called. His history is a mystery, but he seems to like everybody he meets,
isn't the least bit dominant, and wants to please, with the exception of kitties. He loves
them of course, but he thinks they are Mother Nature's best squeaky toys so if you
have cats, Freeway is the wrong fellow to adopt. Otherwise, he is young, energetic,
loves to run and play, then settle down for a good cuddle. Of course he is UTD on
vaccinations and neutered now, so all he needs is a family to love. If Freeway sounds
like the fellow you've been looking for, please start the adoption process by
submitting our
online application.

Compatibility:  Good w/ Most Dogs, Not Good w/ Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults   
Personality:  High Energy, Submissive   
Health:  Neutered, Vaccinations Current   

Age: young adult
Adoption fee: $300